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Instances of Scientologists picketing the personal residences of critics and/or ex-members, with dox.

Mark BunkerEdit

Bob MintonEdit

Stacy YoungEdit

Jeff JacobsenEdit


Dave TouretzkyEdit

Kristi WatcherEdit

Tommy GormanEdit

Jon AtackEdit

  • Thompson, David (1994-03-18). "Scientologists picket house". East Grinstead Courier.
  • [12]
  • [13]
  • [14]

Gregg HagglundEdit


  • Picketed at RV, asked picketers to leave
  • Video: [16], [17], [18]

Dennis ErlichEdit

  • Picketed in Glendale, CA
  • Parents also picketed in Palm Springs, CA

Keith HensonEdit

Bonnie WoodsEdit

Jim WissickEdit

  • Also parents' home

Dr. John ClarkEdit

Patricia RyanEdit

Rod KellerEdit

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