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So what's wrong with Scientology?

Sorted alphabetically by state.

Hemet, CaliforniaEdit

27 September 2008Edit

26 October 2008Edit

Los Angeles, CaliforniaEdit

4 July 1999Edit

10 February 2008Edit

15 March 2008Edit

12 July 2008Edit

26 July 2008Edit

11 August 2008Edit

16 August 2008Edit

11 October 2008Edit

24 October 2008Edit

27 October 2008Edit

8 November 2008Edit

7 December 2008Edit

7 March 2009Edit

Pasadena, CaliforniaEdit

9 November 2008Edit

San Francisco, CaliforniaEdit

17 May 2008Edit

14 June 2008Edit

28 June 2008Edit

16 August 2008Edit

22 August 2008Edit

San Jose, CaliforniaEdit

12 September 2008Edit

Tustin, CaliforniaEdit

21 September 2008Edit

Denver, ColoradoEdit

13 December 2008Edit

Clearwater, FloridaEdit

26 March 2000Edit

4 July 2008Edit

17 January 2009Edit

Washington, DC Edit

18 April 2009 Edit

6 June 2009 Edit

  • Assault on Hubbard Telescope

Athens, GeorgiaEdit

29 January 2008Edit

Boston, MassachusettsEdit

10 September 1998Edit

Battle Creek, MichiganEdit

12 July 2008Edit

Farmington Hills, MichiganEdit

18 October 2008Edit

New York City, New YorkEdit

26 May 2008Edit

22 August 2008Edit

18 September 2008Edit

Columbus, OhioEdit

12 April 2008Edit

19 April 2008Edit

Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaEdit

18 October 2008Edit

Nashville, TennesseeEdit

25 April 2009Edit

Perth, AustraliaEdit

18 April 2009Edit

21 June 2008Edit

Sydney, AustraliaEdit

20 September 2008Edit

Toronto, CanadaEdit

4 May 2008Edit

Winnipeg, CanadaEdit

18 June 2008Edit

Copenhagen, DenmarkEdit

20 October 2008Edit

Paris, FranceEdit

11 November 2008Edit

Amsterdam, NetherlandsEdit

22 April 2008Edit

Stockholm, SwedenEdit

12 July 2008Edit

Plymouth, United KingdomEdit

8 March 2008Edit

2 June 2008Edit

13 June 2008Edit

31 July 2008Edit

9 October 2008Edit

Unsorted videoEdit

See alsoEdit {{#ev:rutube|c54d2792b1795e864635f58ab91eedc2}}

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