Formulas for donation amountsEdit

On the list always use real (US) dollar amounts for donations, and be sure whether they are IAS donations or Ideal Org (buildings) donations, as some levels for both have the same name but different amounts.

IAS donationsEdit

  • Lifetime membership: $5,000
  • Sponsor: $10,000
  • Crusader: $25,000
  • Patron: $50,000
  • Patron with Honors: $100,000
  • Patron Meritorious: $250,000
  • Silver Meritorious: $500,000 (was $750,000 prior to February 2005)
  • Gold Meritorious: $1 million
  • Platinum Meritorious: $2.5 million
  • Diamond Meritorious: $5 million
  • Patron Laureate: $10 million
  • Platinum Laureate: $12 million
  • Diamond Laureate: $15 million
  • Patron Excalibur: $20 million
  • Platinum Excalibur: $22 million
  • Diamond Excalibur: $25 million
  • Patron Maximus: $30 million
  • Platinum Maximus: $35 million
  • Diamond Maximus: $40 million
  • Patron Invictus: $50 million
  • Platinum Invictus: $60 million
  • Diamond Invictus: $70 million

Ideal Org (Buildings/Locations) donationsEdit

  • Sponsor: $500
  • Crusader: $1,000
  • Honor Roll: $5,000
  • Cornerstone: $10,000
  • Cornerstone with Honors: $20,000
  • Vanguard Member: $35,000
  • Benefactor: $50,000
  • Guarantor: $75,000
  • Humanitarian: $100,000
  • Humanitarian with Honors: $150,000
  • Silver Humanitarian: $250,000
  • Gold Humanitarian: $500,000
  • Platinum Humanitarian: $750,000
  • New Civilization Builder: $1,000,000
  • New Civilization Builder with Honors: $2,500,000
  • New Civilization Builder Meritorious: $5,000,000
  • New Civilization Builder Platinum Meritorious: $7,500,000
  • Silver New Civilization Builder: ?
  • Gold New Civilization Builder: ?
  • Ideal New Civilization Builder: ?


If you're using a text search of articles/other lists don't forget to search for non-American spellings like Honour and Civilisation.

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Names from public Government inquiriesEdit

These names are not to be added until each one is mentioned by full name in other media or full transcripts of their hearings/testimonies. When they are added, put a star in front of their name on this list:

South African Commission of Enquiry into Scientology (June 9, 1972)Edit

G.R. Alcock
C.R. Anstey
H.M. Barnard
H. Bayer
M. Benjamin
I.R. Benson
R.C. Bester
D.J.L. Bizzell
J. Boshoff
W.J. Botha
H.J. Brown
A.H. Carter
J.B. Carter
E.E.M. Cleenwerck
E.W.E. Coetzee
W.A. Cook
J.M.D.S.F. Correia
A.B. Daneel
D.O. Deacon
P.W.J. Delport
D.A. De Villiers
C.E. Dickerson
J.D. Dodds
J.H. Du Plessis
G.V. Durow
D.F. Elliott
E.W. Elliott
M.B. Feldman
E.L. Fisher
K.E.S. Freer
B.C. Geldenhuys
F.M. du P. Glazer
L. Goodman
P.J. Griffiths
R.W.H. Griffiths
M. Grobbelaar
P.J. Hartzenberg
T.C. Hawley
A. Henning
H.G. Herman
H.W.G. Herman
A.M. Kirkman
B. Kruger
C.F. Kruger
A.M. Lamont
N.A. Lawson
P.G. Lombard
N.S. Louw
P. Madathoana
M. McAll
M.R. McAll
J.F. McKendry
G.P. McNamee
G. Mellett
B.A. Michaelides
I.J. Mills
D.H. Misplon
V.H. Moller
A.K. Morris
D.L.M. Morris
I.R. Morris
A.M. Nel
G.K. Nelson

  • M.J. Nicholson (Margaret)

J.N. Ollemans (Joy Noel)
P.H. Ollemans
E.F. Paltiel

  • A.P. Parkhouse (Alison)

S.J. Parkhouse (Susan)
T.A.A. Peeters
W.J. Pelser
M.G. Perkins
V.I. Pitcher
G.A. Rabie
W.P. Radloff
A.S. Roos
E. Schlesinger
J.O.N. Schofield
R.S. Selesnick
D.W.G. Shuttleworth
G.J. Smit
S.G.A. Snow
J. Solomon
S.D. Starkey
A. Tannenbaum
H.E. Teifel
J.W. Theron
L.J. Thompson
E. Van Niekerk
P. Van Niekerk
S.C. Van Niekerk
P.A. Van Zyl
L. Vitus
S.H.A. Von Fintel
S.C. Williams
S.O.'C. Wilson

The Commision of Inquiry into the Hubbard Scientology Organisation in New Zealand (June 30, 1969)Edit

R.J. Horsfall
G.F. Kennedy
C.F. Lawrence
E.F. Lawson
F.P. O'Donnell
K. O'Donnell
P.G. O'Donnell
S.M. O'Donnell
G.S. Partridge
G.H. Whiting
M.E. Whiting
P.A. Williams
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