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Scientology "Abortion tech" Edit

L. Ron Hubbard, Philadelphia doctorate course, Tape 39-B, "Game processing", 12 december 1952 (1:40)

Assessment vs. Listing and nulling Edit

Source to be added (7:39)

Secret use of scientology (Orwell, 1984) Edit

Source to be added (1:40)

On Crowley Edit

Source to be added (1:11)

Police as chaos merchants Edit

Zero PTS/SP Lecture (2:25)

There was no christ Edit

Source to be added (1:12)

Not smoking enough will cause lung cancer Edit

Source to be added (2:27)

Travel to Van Allen Belt Edit

Source to be added (2:10)

I am not from this planet Edit

"Certainty of Standard tech", #6810C01, 1 October 1968 (0:42)

The Xenu story Edit

transcript of source

Youtube video (4:08)

Audio with slideshow (10:00)

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