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Current Proposal 2Edit

another proposal based on "current proposal's" idea and philosophy eventhough without the grey shades and yingyang shapes.

Splash screen / lander / main / index / etc..[1]

Content pages / Text / embedded video / [2]

Note from someone watching the development of this site - current colours make the black text hard to read, and as this is the main information part it makes the site unusable to hard of sight/colour blind people - practice shows that a site/design should stand at a max 3 basic colours (in this case orange, black and white is ideal - drop the weird blue)

updated whyweprotest reloaded.. edits done brighter colors. questions + expanding .. [3]

Can be doneEdit

ie6 ie7 and ff suport . css and static version.

Can be done with helpEdit

Control panel (if someone can do that part. great!)


php coder . content writer/submitter.

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